Cheap 50th Birthday Gifts

Are you interested in cheap 50th birthday gifts or just something a little more frugal? Check here to see our less expensive gift ideas. These make a great gag gift for small 50th gift idea.

50th Birthday Music for 1967
Our Price: $19.95
50th Birthday Favors, 50th Birthday Card
Personalized 50th Birthday Button - 50 Nifty
Our Price: $2.95
Personalized Birthday Buttons for Any Year
50th Birthday Frame
If you are searching for a small or cheap 50th birthday gift, this page of our store will help you out. In this economy, it's normal to want to save some money here and there especially on something like gifts. Sometimes you are just buying for an acquaintance, or just wanting a less expensive 50th birthday gift. These will fit the bill for you. You can use them also as a gag present to accompnay a more serious gift. The ones that are the most popular include the tiara because they are a novelty gift that aren't usually found at the mall. The frame is also a unique idea because you can insert a funny photo of the birthday man or woman, or perhaps a picture of when they were kids. Another gift idea is to fill the birthday mug with mints, chocolates or pennies as a fun little gift idea. Be creative and try new things.