70th Birthday Gifts for 1949
70th Birthday Gift Buying Guide

70th Birthday Gift Buying Guide

70th Birthday Gift Buying Guide and Party Planning Ideas

Know someone turning 70 this year? Are you in charge of planning a 70th birthday party? Check out these party planning ideas on finding the right favor for your event and how to choose the perfect gift.

  1. 70th Party Favors- Throwing a 70th birthday party means you are responsible for not only securing/decorating the party location, but also arranging for the food and buying any party favors you may need. 70th birthday favors can be assembled by you or you can buy some pre-made favors. Search online for 70th party favor ideas. Traditionally, candy is one of the most used party favors. Try something new with colorful Mardi Gras style beads. You can buy 70th birthday beads and not only will they make a fun favor but you can use them to decorate too. Buy the 70th birthday supplies to complete the party planning.
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  3. 70th Birthday Shirt or Sweatshirt- Giving a gift that can be worn is a great way to add some fun to any birthday party. Not just any typical shirt or sweater will do, but a piece of clothing that highlights their 70th birthday is perfect for such an occasion. When buying a 70th birthday t shirt consider the taste of the person you are buying it for. Are they more modest and simple or are they very over the top and excited about their birthday. 70th birthday shirts can allude to their age/getting older or they can say it outright, so make sure you pick the right style shirt for the person who will be wearing it.

  4. Special Interest Gift- Buying a present can be challenging. You want to give a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated. Think about what the person likes to do. Do they have any hobbies? Buying a gift according to their special interests guarantees you the perfect gift. Do they have anything special they collect? A coin collector would appreciate a set of coins from the year they were born. A coin set makes a unique gift. A stamp collector would marvel at a Stamp Art Print that includes different stamps and trivia pertaining to that year.

  5. Personalized Gifts- As people grew older it becomes harder to find the right birthday present. You have to wonder if they already have something like this, or would they use that, and ultimately would they like it even at all. These are gift giver concerns. By gifting a unique and personalized gift you wipe out all these concerns. A personalized gift, which can be usable depending on its nature, is great because it is a gift meant to honor them. It doesn’t have to be functional; it can be sentimental and personalized. A personalized 70th birthday poem will let them know just how special they are to you. Either make your own poem and print it and frame it, or buy a pre-made poem online where you can insert specific information and have it made, framed and shipped for you.

  6. 70th Birthday Gift Basket- A 70th Birthday Gift Basket makes a great 70th gift because they are multiple gifts in one. To make a larger gift basket consider splitting the cost with other family members or friends. You can either buy more items or items that are more expensive. Making your own gift basket can be fun, but time consuming. Local stores can provide you with the necessary tools and items to make a gift basket, but also consider buying a pre-made 70th Birthday Gift Basket. This can be time saving and more cost effective.

    1. Do you need more 70th birthday ideas? See our 70th birthday ideas to help you solve your gift problems.

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