50th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women Born in 1969

50th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women Born in 1969

Great 50 ideas for men or women with unique products that we create exclusively for our customers such as born in 1969 gifts. Consider our custom 50th birthday gift basket or our time capsule. Either present can be personalized for a man or a woman with your own message. Need 50th birthday gifts for women such as a sister, or mother? We created gift ideas for you. Males won't feel left out as we have a 50th birthday gifts for men page too.

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50th Birthday Gifts for Men
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50th Birthday Gift Tips

Are you struggling with what to buy for a 50th birthday for a man or a woman? With so many baby boomers turning this age, it can be overwhelming to find the right gift to honor someone that is a family member or friend. Here are some gift ideas about what to buy. OvertheHillGifts.com offers these gift tips:
  • Many people joke about this age as the "halfway point", so one fun 50th birthday idea is to theme your party around the fraction 1/2. For example, half the guests could dress as the number five and half could dress as the number zero, so when they sit together, there will be 50s throughout the party room.
  • Create a slide show that shows the guest of honor at different ages from birth through age fifty, progressing every ten years.
  • Make cupcakes and decorate with the number fifty on each one, so each guest can use them as favors to take home.

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