40th Birthday Gifts For Men or Women Born in 1976

40th Birthday Gifts For Men or Women Born in 1976

Need some 40th birthday ideas? Turning 40 can be fun if you purchase the best birthday present for the person. Try our 40th birthday gift basket, which has 1976 gifts honoring the year of their birth. We also offer some handy tips for wonderful 40th birthday gifts for men such as for a dad, husband or brother. For the ladies, we have 40th birthday gifts for women such as for a mom, wife or sister. You can always add an over the hill cane or another gag gift too.

40th Birthday Gift Basket for 1976
Our Price: $99.95
40th Birthday Ideas: 1976 Package
Our Price: $54.95
Personalized 40th Birthday Time Capsule for 1976
Our Price: $49.95
40 & Fab Sweatshirt
Regular Price: $22.95
HUGE SALE: $12.95
Music for 40th Birthday for 1976
Our Price: $19.95
Funny 40th Birthday Poems
Our Price: $29.95
Fake Newspaper
1976 Gifts: DVDs, Birthday Newspaper
What Happened on My Birthday
40th Birthday Shirt
Regular Price: $19.95
HUGE SALE: $7.95
40th Birthday T Shirt
Regular Price: $19.95
HUGE SALE: $7.95
40th Birthday Favors
40th Birthday Gifts for Men
40th Birthday Gifts for Women
40th Birthday Cards & Favors
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Gag Gift Ideas
Tips for Choosing a 40th Birthday Gift
Helpful 40th Birthday Ideas

Not sure what to buy for a 40th birthday? If you need some additional innovative birthday ideas, consider using some of these tips to help you:

  • Go with a more over the hill theme- get forty suckers and put them into a large pail and put a sign on the front that says "40 Sucks". You can use that as funny party favors. If you want other over the hill gag gifts, see our gag gifts page.
  • Try a themed party by decorating with 1970's gifts and 70's decorations like disco balls, 70's banners, and so on. Make the guests wear costumes like granny glasses, hush puppy shoes, leisure suits and ankle length prairie dresses. You can complement the theme with our 40th birthday party supplies that include 40th birthday napkins, plates, invitations and decorations.
  • Have your guests each write down one thing great about the birthday person until you reach 40. Then read the great attributes of the person aloud during the party.
  • Play some music from that era as background music. You can choose from soft rock hits like from Bread and James Taylor or go the disco route and get everyone dancing.
  • Hope these tips will help take the stress away from planning your event. Enjoy the best 40th birthday gifts around.

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