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1985 Music for a 30th Birthday
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30th Birthday Frame
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30th Birthday Beer Mug
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30th Birthday Shirt
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30th Birthday Gifts & Ideas
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Click each tab to see some of the birthday gifts for each category including party supplies, gift baskets, a fake newspaper and more ideas. Let us help you find the perfect gift.

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70th Sweatshirt
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70th Birthday DVD
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70th Birthday Coffee Mug
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70th Birthday Supplies, Invitations, Balloons, & Decorations70th Birthday Gifts & Ideas
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Need some milestone birthday gifts? Let us help you with our gift ideas for any age from 30-100. Click a tab to see several birthday gift ideas. Choose from a gift basket, or gender based gifts for women or men.

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Over the Hill Coffin Gag Gift
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Over the Hill Morning Kit
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Over the Hill Gift Afghan
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Over the Hill Tiara
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Over the Hill Gifts, Gag Gifts
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We have a large variety of over the hill gag gifts, and party supplies to choose from. Click on each separate tab to see a sampling of our birthday presents.

Whether turning 40, 100, or anything in between, Over the Hill Gifts.com ô has a large variety of both funny, personal, and unique presents and birthday ideas sure to be remembered and make people laugh. Milestone birthday gifts include a 50th birthday gift basket, nostalgic candy, birthday poems, and more. Find exactly what youíre looking for to make a womanís or manís birthday perfect at Over the Hill Gifts.com.ô

Is your family member or friend celebrating their 40th birthday? Why not get them a mini hardcover book, complete with color pictures, trivia, headlines and more from the year 1972. Other 40th birthday gifts include fake newspapers, perfect for looking back on what happened the month and year you were born, and a CD of the top hits going around that year, ideal for dancing and singing along to the oldies.

With all our party planning experience we can turn your 50th birthday party or any other milestone party into the right thing without too much time on your part. To see every gift idea for particular category, you can click the category name, such as 50th birthday gifts, in the left navigation bar. You will then see all the gifts displayed, and some subcategories. For example, if you are shopping for a man see our 50th birthday gifts for men, which have hats with a number 50, tees and other items geared toward men. We also have 50th birthday gifts for women which include a 50th birthday tiara, shirts for women and other female gift ideas.

Over the Hill Gifts.com ô has 60th birthday ideas including birthday mugs, picture frames, and even a personalized clock you can add your own message to. Let them remember how much you love them by gifting a birthday poem, adding your personalized message to either a wall hanging or table top version. Whether your parents, grandparents, or just close friends, a gift from the year they were born or were married is sure to bring back some good memories.

Reaching 80 years old is a certainly a milestone not soon to be forgotten. Celebrate a centennial of being alive by choosing a 80th birthday gift basket with a picture frame, mug, photo album, and even a booklet of what happened in the year 1934, 80 years ago. Over the Hill Gifts.com has all the party supplies you need to throw the perfect 80th birthday party for your family and friends.

We also make sure you are covered for a 90th or 100th birthday. The upper year birthdays can be hard to find products for, but we have done the work for you. These gifts for seniors will be both nostalgic and practical. One of the most popular is the fake newspaper which shows the president boasting the birth of the birthday man or woman and the big headline from their birth month.

Funny gag gifts for those over the hill are a great way to bring some fun and laughs to getting older. Choose from funny gifts like a coffin gift set featuring age reversal candy pills, anti-aging spray and wrinkle soap, perfect for washing away the worries of old age. Also available is a an over the hill cane, complete with mirror, squeeze purse, horn, funny signs like slow moving pedestrian, and stickers to personalize the occasion.

Embark on a trip back to memory lane and remember those childhood days with candy birthday favors from the 40ís, 50ís and 60ís. Remember candies like Charleston Chews, Tootsie Pops, Necco Wafers, Razzles, and more with gift bags that each feature about 15 different candies. A wonderful compliment to a birthday party, these bags can be given out as favors or shared among friends.

Over the Hill Gifts.com also has more casual gifts, such as birthday t-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs. Select from a variety of birthday and anniversary decorations, napkins, plates, signs, candles, invitations, and other useful items for planning that perfect party. Over the Hill Gifts.com has low shipping rates and ships to over 200 countries worldwide. Contact us at 1-800-704-5913 with any questions you may have on products or orders.

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